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Design Week Lagos: Expert outlines benefits of interior design


Tomi Olatunbode, Creative Director, Spazio Ideale, on Friday, said well-designed spaces can make life more comfortable, efficient, and joyful thereby encouraging Nigerians to embrace this often under-appreciated art form.

Olatunbode disclosed this during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sideline of the ongoing 2023 edition Design Week Lagos: Made by Design Home and Hospitality Show in Lagos.

She said many were of the opinion that interior design was an elitist affair but everyone needed to embrace it for its benefits.

According to her, interior design was capable of brightening an individual mood with a functional space put in place, also tackling the problem of stress.

She noted that for corporate organisations, it helps in the area of brand association and employee engagement.

“Interior design play very important role in our life today, making our lifestyle more modern and stylish, it helps to uplift our mood.

“Interior designers can come up with designs in spaces that would help individuals who are stressed get relieved after each day’s work.

“This is possible because the design on any space should factor in the personalities of those who live in it as well as their requirements, objectives.

“Interior design is for everyone, the way our spaces are designed affect who we are, how we think and our mood. Designs can change our outlook.

“Our homes can be designed in such a way for us to gain more inspiration to achieve our goals. We can design to make an individual feel he is close to achieving his goals,” she said.

Olatunbode advised Nigerians who were not financially bouyant to engage the services of an interior designer to seek knowledge on YouTube and other social media handles.

Speaking on her challenges as an interior designer, she said her main challenge was gaining access to quality and affordable materials as well as artisans locally.

She said poor power supply, and hike in diesel price, manufacturers of products used for designs face difficulties during production and the cost of those products had become expensive.

Olatunbode, however, urged the Federal Government to take deliberate efforts in tackling the problem of epileptic power supply across the country.

“If the product industry is supported, then materials can be much more affordable and then the masses will be able to afford the services we render.

“For Spazio Ideale, we are an extremely creative campany, we believe that what we do is beyond imagination and we connect people to spaces through exceptional designs, so design is big for us.

“We are people of details, we engage in experiencial designs,” she said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the exhibition will run from Oct. 19 to 22 with over 28 local and international exhibitors on ground.

Spazio Ideale’s Designs is one of those exhibiting in Lagos and nothing short of a revelation, demonstrating the transformative power of creative design.

By merging the past with the future, infusing African style, and embracing innovative products like the Itunu Comfort Desk, Spazio Ideale is at the forefront of shaping the future of African design.




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