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Design Protocol MD calls for deliberate efforts to inculcate leadership skills in school children


The Managing Director of Design Protocol, Bayo Adelemo, has called for deliberate efforts to be made to inculcate leadership skills in schoolchildren.

He made the call during the second edition of the company’s EmpowerMD programme, which was held in Lagos recently.

The EmpowerMD programme is an initiative by Design Protocol aimed at providing creative and talented children between the ages of 7 and 13 with mentorship and guidance that can contribute to their personal and educational development.

Also, the initiative is focused on exposing them to leadership opportunities by having them serve as Design Protocol’s Managing Director for a single day.

The maiden edition, held on June 9, saw 9-year-old Chimamanda Isiakpona fill in the shoes of the firm’s Managing Director.

Speaking during his welcome remarks at the event, Adalemo called on players in the private and public sectors to key into the EmpowerMD initiative and prioritise the proper grooming of the up-and-coming generation.

He said: “The aim of this initiative is essentially about leadership. We need to train our children. We need to catch them young. This is the best time to mould them into responsible adults. If we do this when they are much older it will be much more difficult to do it.

“The aim of this is to instil these values at a very young age — the values of leadership, and civic responsibility to ensure that they take over not just business, but governance and even in their social interaction, to ensure that they become more grounded, which will make the country a much better place.”

Chidinma Ogba emerged as the one-day MD at the second edition of the event.



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