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Customs commences nationwide promotion exams to reinforce merit-based advancements

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The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has successfully administered promotional examinations across the nation for its dedicated officers and personnel.

This move is aimed at enhancing transparency and career progression based on merit.

According to a press statement issued by the National Public Relations Officer of the service Abdullahi Maiwada on Wednesday, the extensive examination process commenced on October 16, 2023, beginning with Deputy Comptrollers, Assistant Comptrollers, and Chief Superintendents of Customs, taking place at Sascon International School in Abuja.

Officers from various Area Commands and Units participated, putting their intellectual capabilities to the test, aligning with the established Standard Operating Procedure designed to promote deserving candidates based on merit.

He said the Acting Comptroller General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, emphasized that these examinations are pivotal in ensuring transparency and fairness in the service’s promotion procedures.

He stressed that promotions are not merely a welfare program for customs personnel but are essential for rejuvenating the service and elevating those who merit higher positions.

“We engaged in conversations with them to instill faith in the system and make them aware of the extensive efforts put into ensuring the integrity of the process.

“We want them to understand that promotions now hinge on performance, not on connections,” explained Adeniyi.

“The reports I received regarding their preparation confirm that we are aligning ourselves with this reality – it’s about what you know, your capabilities, and your ability to demonstrate your job knowledge. That’s what matters for each of these officers taking the exams.”

An Assistant Comptroller of Customs, Odedeji Babajide, expressed that these promotions would act as incentives to motivate officers to perform even more efficiently.

“Leadership comes with the responsibility of delivering more than we have before to improve the service. We must ensure that we add value,” he affirmed.

DC Oluremi Omisere emphasized that promoted officers must ensure they judiciously fulfill the primary roles of customs, namely trade facilitation and border security. “Meeting government revenue targets and controlling revenue leakages are paramount,” she emphasized.

Deputy Comptroller Hussein Ejibunu expressed his high expectations, stating, “This promotion will help me perform better, as I aim to climb higher.”

Deputy Comptroller of Customs Idris Abba-Aji highlighted the examination’s transparency and the global standards they strive to uphold, stating, “We are setting a benchmark for others to follow.
With the evolving global landscape and the training we receive, we are prepared to face any challenge head-on.



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