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Creating a digital Lagos


As a big economy in Africa with one of the largest youth populations in the world, Nigeria is well-suited to developing a strong digital economy that will have a transformational impact on the country, a digital economy that will not only push Nigeria to the global front but will increase her internally generated revenue.

In Nigeria, Lagos state is regarded as the economic nerve centre of the nation. As the commercial capital of Nigeria, most businesses are headquartered in the state. Aside from the fact that most conventional businesses kick off from Lagos, technology startups have established their marks and have penetrated the Lagos digital market in other to be visible and to utmostly gain traction.

It is an undeniable fact to say that Lagos state is the Silicon Valley of Nigeria.

Creating a fertile ground to build or develop a diversified digital economy will not only help the investors but will give digital creatives a sense of responsibility to continue to build digital products that will be sustainable and boost the economy.

In order to reap the benefits of a digitally inclusive state, Lagos needs to drive her focus towards building and increasing improvements in five fundamental support systems of a digitally evolving economy. These support systems include; Digital platforms, digital infrastructure, digital financial services, digital skills and digital entrepreneurship.

As a matter of fact, Lagos state has been a fertile ground to most technology startups in the country as there are more than 10 tech hubs situated in the state: GoDo hub, Co-Creation hub and the likes of others.

Suffice it to say that Lagos is foremost and has been a crusader of technological advancements in the country.

For the purpose of this writing, we would be looking at the various ways in which the state has employed technology in solving societal issues and how sustainable those technologies have become over time.

In the month of August, we were greeted with a piece of massive news. In an effort to tackle the challenges of education in Lagos, the state government partnered with Chronicles Software Development Company to float the idea and launch the Ekodigitalschool, the largest digital classroom in Africa that will enable students to be able to access continuous learning in the state.

The transportation sector too was not left hanging; the Lagos State Bus Service Limited through innovation has created the cowry card that enables road users to move from one location to another free from the stress of queuing for hours just to get a ticket. This innovation has helped the government foster a cashless Lagos and it has also helped reduce the number of paper wastes that is gathered from the different bus terminals located in the state.

When we talk about digital skills, the state has been supportive to ensure that we have a digitally literate generation who are ready to steer the cause of growth in the ecosystem. There are quite a number of tech businesses that offer courses on digital skills, for example, New Horizon.

The rate of unemployment in Lagos keeps increasing due to the influx of migrants into the state who seek greener pastures. Technology has been helpful in this regard to reduce the unemployment gap and connect job seekers with their prospective employers. Jobberman has been able to effectively bridge the unemployment gap that the state records and it may interest us to know that Jobberman is headquartered in Lagos too.

In a large society as Lagos, shopping and logistics have been a long-standing problem but with technology, the state is ranked top in the industry as long as Nigeria is concerned. Talk about the likes of Konga, Jumia, GIG logistics and many new logistics companies. These brands have been able to deploy digitization to solve the problems of shopping and having your goods delivered to you with ease in the ever-busy Lagos. Through technology, more business ideas have been onboarded, more businesses have sprung up, people now own online shops and websites for their businesses, that’s some level of growth.

Finally, It won’t be surprising to see that more businesses will spring up in the state due to its digital flexibility and readiness to welcome and grow new businesses that require technology to scale through.

More tech startups are bound to come to light because there is a Lagos that supports technological advancements.

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