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Bolt, Uber, LagRide, other ride-hailing drivers threaten indefinite strike


The Amalgamated Union of App-Based Transport Workers of Nigeria (AUATWON) has threatened to embark on an indefinite strike over the failure of the app-based companies to negotiate and accede to its demands.

This was disclosed via a statement by the union’s spokesman Jossy Olawale, who said all efforts to agree with the companies proved abortive despite a seven-day ultimatum issued on June 9 to allow for dialogue.

The statement said the union frowned upon a 40 per cent fare increase made by the companies instead of the 200 per cent increase it asked for to cushion the effects of the increased fuel pump price of 300 per cent.

“The ultimatum issued was to suspend the strike and pave (the) way for dialogue between the union and the app companies. This Tuesday, the seven-working-day ultimatum will elapse,” it explained. “However, the union feel so disappointed that none of these app companies listened to the genuine complaints of app-based members or implemented even half of what the union members are demanding.”

The union explained that one of its demands was for the companies to reduce their earning commission by 50 per cent to reduce the burden of the fuel price hike on the drivers. It said the companies’ commission increased by 25 per cent.

“The union has written letters to the federal ministry of labour, Nigerian Bar Association, Nigeria Labour Congress and other relevant stakeholders to midwife a process of dialogue toward amicable resolution of the numerous challenges faced by app-based transport workers,” said the statement.

It added, “We have chosen this option as law-abiding citizens in the interest of numerous customers who largely depend on our services. We are hoping that the process will take place in the coming week and, hopefully, will be productive for all and sundry.”

The union appealed to the government to prioritise members of app-based transport workers of Nigeria as it makes efforts for relief plans to mitigate the effect of fuel subsidy removal.

It also mentioned that the union wants a regulatory framework for the industry and a special grant or loan for car financing for its members.

“We are the most affected informal sector, whose operational costs depend solely on premium motor spirit (petrol),” the union noted. “We are also calling on the Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to immediately intervene in the process of acquiring Lagride, the condition of service and welfare of drivers, which in the union’s opinion, have eroded the governor’s main intention of empowerment and job creation.”

The union is demanding a 200 per cent increase on fare trips, reduced companies’ commission by 50 per cent, and profile riders adequately, among others.


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