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Blockchain-backed search engine Strataly rewards users in cryptocurrency

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Publishers who own websites and mobile apps get paid when adverts displayed on their platforms are clicked thus advertising has been a major source of revenue for online platforms as advertisers tend to leverage the digital power in reaching a wider audience as compared to the traditional means of promoting goods and services.

AdNaira an online advertising media agency that connects advertisers to their target audience through high-traffic websites and apps in Nigeria has indeed leveraged the power of digital to help publishers earn.

However, beyond publishers, the end-users i.e visitors to these platforms can’t be left out of this circle of revenue, as they also want to earn, but being a Nigerian-based platform, users from other countries may not wish to earn in Naira. What currency cuts across the globe with no barriers? Cryptocurrency snaps through the mind.

Thus the founder of AdNaira and software developer, Francis Jayeola created Strataly that would see users benefit financially through cryptocurrency as they see ads run through websites and mobile applications with high traffic.

In a chat with Francis, we learnt how Strataly the search engine powered by Adnaira was is created out of the passion of helping businesses create brand awareness at a cheaper price and empowering people to earn from doing what they like; which is browsing.

Quick background on Strataly

Following several complaints from publishers on the amount of revenue that gets to them from AdNaira, Francis came up with the idea of how both the publishers and end-users could be a huge beneficiary of its ads model through a unified currency.

As explained by Francis, the ads are not shown to the owners of the platforms but users who with intent make queries through a search engine as they do not necessarily visit a particular platform for information.

Thus Strataly was launched in January 2021 as a search engine that will display adverts related to users’ search queries.

Since the platform is a web browser that is accessible throughout the globe, users who are outside Nigeria can’t earn in Naira, even the USD cant be used directly as some countries don’t allow payment through Paypal thus Francis came up with the most preferred single currency, cryptocurrency for all users to earn seamlessly.

Strataly’s uniqueness

According to Francis, Strataly is providing better access to information, for instance, if a user is searching for a car online but with no intention of buying the car at the moment, Strataly pays the user for making the search and if such user refers the car merchant to another user, there is a commission attached to such action.

Thus strataly pays you in two stages, one for being a user and two for being an affiliate or a buyer. Either you go to the person’s platform or you take action when you take action. “You’re promoting that person’s brand itself and getting commission for it and all this is done from our back end and the person can see all the process from start to finish.”, Francis added.
How DeFi will change the future of payment?

As earlier stated by Francis, the platform had challenges in paying users seamlessly, thus it had to opt for cryptocurrency as it comes with public acceptance on large scale.

“Even those who don’t even think that they have the capacity can actually learn it and start off with it immediately. So the future already is here.”, Francis said

Why the choice of Unicrypt?

Francis explained that Unicrypt for the launch pad is like an intermediary between him and Strataly’s investors.

According to him, the token on the platform is no longer under his control as it has been taken over by Unicrypt. There are also some requirements that founders on the Unicrypt platform need to meet such as ‘Team KYC’. According to Francis, this is required to prevent fraudulent activities as Unicrypt will go all out to push any erring founders’ information to the appropriate authorities for sanction.

Asides from that Francis also spoke about Strataly’s smart contract audits. As explained by him, Unicyrpt didn’t just accept their codes but also reviewed and audited to check for malicious scripts capable of swindling users of their money.

How users get rewarded on Strataly

Users can simply log on to www.strata.ly and create an account. Following this, they can now start earning while they browse.

According to Francis, Strataly is a one-pager platform, thus users do not have to keep on moving from one page to the other.

As they use their browser, they will see their balance counting, thus they can redeem their earnings on the same page.

Strataly’s journey on the global market chain

According to Francis, Strataly is currently on the Binance Smart Chain, but will make its next significant global move after its pre-sales. Francis also added that its link is on Pancake Swap, “it is just that presale has to be done so that the liquidity contributed can be moved to pancake swap”

Francis further stated that, once this move is achieved, Strataly next step would be to get listed on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko.

Any other thing about Strataly

As explained by Francis, there are so many coins that have been around before now and most of the founders don’t actually understand the coin market. “They jump on a coin, feeling they will make money, but most of their platforms end up becoming failed projects, where you see their coin value reading figures far from one cent let alone a dollar.

Francis explains that his platform is coming in with an understanding of the market, thus it will be fixing some of these challenges on its own chain by providing liquidity from gas fees. This liquidity according to him ensures that users’ prices are at a stable figure.

Making an illustration, Francis explained that it will be launching with a top that is over $1 or even up to $10 itself per coin. “Even if people are pulling out or selling we are collecting fees from this transaction, and pushing it back into liquidity on Pancake Swap, we provide liquidity with Ethreum value, with Binance value, thus we ensure that the price is stable on its own.

Explaining further about the role, AdNaira as an advertising company plays its part, Francis said, “The money we receive from advertisers isn’t just spent on our normal business, we use the money again to buy our own coin itself from the markets to further increase the value.
So we still push the money back into it and share among the rewarded users, so that we make sure that we keep adding more value to it”

Concluding, Francis said that in time, the coin will gradually become stable as Strataly will keep on providing liquidity, savings from the gas fees and buying back from the money generated from ads avenue.

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