Home Technology Bitcoin hits $2000 trading high record in hours

Bitcoin hits $2000 trading high record in hours


Bitcoin gains a new record price high on Wednesday, 20 October, inducing massive gains for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in the Defi market.

According to a report by Independent UK claimed that Bitcoin on Wednesday, October 20, had a peak in price.

It is to be noted that Bitcoin (BTC) passed $66,000 again on Thursday, October 21, after fresh macro turbulence sparked a retest of previous all-time highs.

Michaël van de Poppe told Twitter followers that, “Markets always go higher than the majority expects. Probably what will happen in coming months.”

Analysts explained that the monthly candle for October is already larger than the entire Bitcoin all-time high from December 2017. “If we bounce from here some levels to keep an eye on are around 75k, 87k, and 96k, derived from recent price action using the Fibonacci retracement tool.”

The Tesla chief, Elon Musk, has since indicated its support for bitcoin, while several other high-profile investors including Twitter founder Jack Dorsey have also flagged their interest.

The data also showed that it has now jumped more than 70 per cent from the six-month lows below $29,000 reached in June, and speculation is circling that it could begin its push towards $100,000.

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