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BBNaija Reunion: Chichi files N100M defamation lawsuit against Phyna


BBNaija reality star, Chichi has taken legal action against her co-star, Phyna, seeking 100 million Naira in damages for alleged defamatory statements made during a heated argument at the BBNaija Reunion.

The lawsuit stems from Phyna’s accusation that Chichi abandoned her husband and children in Benin City, leading to the death of one of her children.

During her appearance on the reunion show, Chichi denied being married with children, refuting the claims made by Phyna.

The denial follows the circulation of photos in January 2023 showing Chichi with a man and a baby, which led to speculation that they were her family.

However, Chichi clarified that the man in question is her father’s youngest brother, and there is no factual basis for assuming he is her husband.

In addition to the marriage and family allegations, Phyna accused Chichi of using the memory of her deceased parents strategically to gain an advantage and win the show.

Phyna also engaged in age-shaming, claiming that Chichi is 33 years old and labelling her as a stripper.

Phyna further accused Chichi of poisoning her friend in Cyprus out of jealousy, sharing these allegations on her Snapchat account.

Responding to the accusations, Chichi has sought legal representation and filed a lawsuit against Phyna, demanding 100 million Naira in damages.

Chichi’s lawyers argue that the poisoning accusation is entirely false, malicious, slanderous, and lacks any basis in truth.

They further contend that Phyna’s statements have had severe consequences for Chichi, resulting in the loss of several endorsement deals and damaging her image.



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