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Arewa leaders call for Obi’s arrest, insist on Tinubu’s inauguration


A coalition of Northern Elders on Tuesday called for the detention of Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi.

They claimed that his comments regarding the recently held elections have the potential to set off another coup like the one that killed regional leaders in 1966.

The elders maintained that Senator Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was proclaimed the winner of the election on February 25, and he must be sworn in.

Obi has continued to demonstrate anti-democratic tendencies, capable of inciting civil disobedience and threats, according to the Arewa Elders’ communiqué, which was issued by Chairman of Gamji Heritage, Alhaji Suleiman Usman Jere, shortly after the meeting.

It reads, “Particularly worrisome, are the pronouncements of Mr Peter Obi and Mr Datti Ahmed, the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates of the Labour Party, as well as other Labour Party leaders including sources said to be linked to IPOB, ESN, which are known terrorist organisations.

“It is on record that Mr Peter Obi engaged in a very divisive ethnoreligious campaign during the 2023 elections and has continued to brazenly display anti-democratic tendencies opting for civil disobedience and threats in place of constitutional means through the Courts.

“We are calling on all our security agencies to be alive to their responsibilities. It amounts to treason for anybody to call for truncating our democracy by whatever guises, be it Interim National Government let alone the call for a military coup. Perpetrators must be arrested and be brought to book with immediate effect!’’

“We are mindful of our voting and will stand firm to protect our democracy. We remain committed to the May 29th swearing-in date in line with Nigeria’s constitutional provisions.

“If it were to be military officers that have tried what He (Peter Obi) has done, they would have been arrested, detained and charged for the coup and if found guilty, they would be sentenced to death. Why should the case of civilians trying to truncate our democracy be different?

“The Nigerian Constitution must prevail, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu must be sworn in on the 29th May 2023. We do not know anything called Interim National Government, it has no basis and nobody has the statutory right to appoint any Interim National Government for this country. We have a constitution and we must do things by our constitution.”



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