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Animals on my farm are easier to control than fellow Nigerians — Buhari


Outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari has said he prefers to be on his farm with the animals as they are much easier to control than his compatriots.

Buhari said this at a gala and dinner held on Sunday in Abuja.

“I am looking forward to tomorrow (Monday) to fly to my base and go back to my cows and sheep, which are much easier to control than fellow Nigerians,” said Mr Buhari.

He also claimed that the 2023 elections gave power back to the Nigerian electorate.

While praising the outcome of the elections, Mr Buhari congratulated Nigerians for realising they have power in their votes and that their votes count.

Also at the event were Presidents of South Africa, Sierra Leone and Ghana attended the event.

He added, “Your Excellencies, heads of state and government, and their representatives, I thank you very much, and I say goodbye to you and wish us the best of luck.”

In March, Buhari informed the U.S. ambassador Mary Beth Leonard that he was eager to return to his farm in Daura.

Buhari also told the American diplomat that he could not wait to stop being Nigerian president and get back to his farm where his animals awaited him.

“I plan to be a big landlord back at home, working on my farms and tending to more than 300 animals. I am eager to go,” Buhari told Ms Leonard.



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