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ALX Nigeria graduates over 1,000 tech innovators


Tech accelerator, ALX Nigeria, has graduated over 1,000 tech innovators from its 2023 programme and vowed to continue seeking solutions to Nigeria’s employment challenges.

At the graduation ceremony held in Lagos, the tech accelerator reiterated its commitment to equipping emerging entrepreneurs with technology and workforce-ready skills that will boost their contributions to national development.

Speaking at the ceremony, Country Manager, ALX Nigeria, Ruby Igwe, hailed the graduates for their resilience in completing the programme.

“ALX maintains a high standard of excellence through rigorous learning and scholarship. You are here today because you showed commitment and strength.

“Africa has lingering issues with youth literacy and employability. ALX Nigeria and Africa at large is seriously committed to empowering three million youths with tech skills that will position them for future work and business leadership,” she said.

She welcomed them into the ALX fellowship, an alumni network of ALX graduates and promised full support from the organisation, saying: “ALX will continue to be here for you. As you engage and begin to seek opportunities, we will be there to help you surmount challenges you may face in your career, and you’ll receive mentorship and guidance from experts.”

One of the graduates, Alexandra Edem, sharing her experience, said: “This is one of the first tech programmes that I will start and finish without hitches. When you join some others, you realize that learning is not very convenient. Here, I learnt to be confident and to prepare for job opportunities “

Another graduate, Temitope Nelson, explained “ Apart from the tech specialisation, ALX has foundational courses that teach soft skills. I learnt how to lead myself and others, be resilient and take responsibility.”

ALX Nigeria has announced the launch of new tech programmes in 2024.



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