Home 2023: Afenifere youths restate support for Peter Obi, promise five million votes

Afenifere youths restate support for Peter Obi, promise five million votes


The Afenifere National Youth Council has reiterated support for Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi, pledging to garner five million votes for him.

The promise was made by the National President of the council, Eniola Ojajuni, on Sunday.

While speaking in Lagos, Ojajuni said the group is supporting Obi because of his records when he was the governor of Anambra State.

While stating his belief that the election on Saturday would be free and fair, he added that the youths in the southwest who will vote for Obi will give him five million votes.

“We are here to endorse the candidate of the LP, Obi officially as the sole candidate for the Southwest youth wing.

“It took us almost three months to reach the conclusions amongst 147 youth groups in Yoruba land, and today, we officially announced Obi and his running mate, Ahmed Datti, as our sole candidate for the presidential election on Saturday.

“Before we endorsed him, Obi assured us that the first thing he would do is to restructure the country.

“We believe that the election will hold, and it will be free and fair and the youths in the SW are ready to vote obi. Our target is to give him five million votes”, Ojajuni stated.

He further urged Yorubas in the country to vote for Obi, emphasizing that it is time for the presidency to go to the southeast.

“The reason we endorsed Obi is because the Yoruba has had his shot at the presidency through former President Olusegun Obasanjo, likewise former President Goodluck Jonathan who is from the South-South.

“Our current president Muhammadu Buhari is from the North. It’s the turn of the Southeast to produce the presidency, for equity and justice”, he added



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