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Aero unveils new device to speed up passenger boarding procedures


Aero Contractors Airline has unveiled a new product dubbed the Pro-Ranger device in an effort to improve on-time performance and speed up passenger boarding procedures.

Chika Ubendu, the Head of Commercial at Aero Contractors Airline, and its Head of Ground Operations, Peter Omata, announced this at a news conference in Lagos recently.

They asserted that Aero was the first to bring the Pro-Ranger device to the domestic market, and they added that 31 of these devices had been purchased for Aero’s entire network of routes, along with workers that had been properly educated to use the equipment.

Speaking on the new device, Omata said: “The Pro-Ranger expedites boarding procedures and once the boarding procedure is enhanced, invariably on-time performance would be efficient and there would be no delays.

“In a bid to reposition Aero Contractors, we have thought it wise as one of the leading airlines in Nigeria to launch one of the products that would enhance our mode of operations. As you are all aware, one of the cardinal things in aviation is passenger facilitation. we have acquired the mobile Pro-Ranger. It is a device that aids facilitation and it has other functionalities that make the working process seamless and make passengers enjoy their stay when travelling with aero contractors.”

He also mentioned that the device would accelerate the process of collecting passengers’ data, as manifest is a key part of aviation, “one of those things required is that the total number of passengers onboard must tally with what we have on the document checked in”.

The Aero ground operations head explained that the device allowed for check-in to be done remotely.

“At any part of the airport where it is used, passengers would not need to stand at aero counters and they can be taken offline, especially people without baggage and check-in.

“It makes it faster and by doing that you are making facilitation seamless for the travelling public. We have started using the product. We have commenced the usage. It is user-friendly and we would look at other products that would enhance the success of Aero Contractors,” he declared.

Aero Contractors currently plies the following routes: Lagos, Abuja, Calabar, Benin, Asaba, Yola, Kano and Sokoto and its flights are dominated by the Dash-8, Q400 and Boeing aircraft.



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