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Advancing Inclusivity: Urgent call for accessibility and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in Nigeria

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The Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Group of the School of Politics, Policy, and Government is stepping forward to advocate for a more inclusive society that values the rights and contributions of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). In line with this mission, we are urging all public organizations, government bodies, and employers of labour to take proactive measures to ensure full compliance with the provisions of the Disability Act 2018.

Creating Accessible Environments

As champions of diversity and inclusivity, we are resolutely calling on all public buildings, facilities, and transportation systems to be made accessible to persons with disabilities, in accordance with the mandates of the Disability Act 2018. This act sets forth the fundamental principle that every individual, regardless of ability, should have equal access to public spaces and services. It is our firm belief that creating inclusive environments is not only a legal obligation but a moral imperative that reflects the values of a just society.

Empowering the Workforce

In addition to advocating for physical accessibility, we also emphasize the importance of equitable employment opportunities for PWDs. We urge all employers of labor to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities, thereby fostering an environment where every individual can thrive and contribute. Furthermore, we call on employers to uphold the 5% employment quota for PWDs, a critical step towards dismantling barriers and ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Upcoming Deadline: January 2024

It is crucial to note that the five-year moratorium on existing buildings, as specified in the Disability Act 2018, is set to conclude in January 2024. This deadline marks a pivotal moment for building and facility owners to ensure that their premises are accessible to PWDs. Beyond this date, non-compliance will result in fines for those found to be inaccessible, underlining the imperative for immediate action.

Our Collective Responsibility

The Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Group recognizes that the journey towards inclusivity requires the collective effort of every stakeholder in our society. We are committed to working alongside public organizations, government bodies, employers, and advocacy groups to ensure the successful implementation of the Disability Act 2018 and the realization of its transformative potential.

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