Home News ‘ADC will revamp Lagos for good if elected’— Mabel Oboh

‘ADC will revamp Lagos for good if elected’— Mabel Oboh


Mabel Oboh, newly appointed ADC National Representative in Lagos Campaign Council, on Thursday, said the party is committed to revamping Lagos State for good if elected into power come 2023.

Oboh, who is currently the African Democratic Congress (ADC) National Diversity and Inclusion Director, in a statement, said: “We have no time to waste. All hands are on deck and ADC is prepared to unseat the ruling party this time around. The time has come for a third force party to take over Lagos and that party is ADC we are set to revamp the state for good.

“ADC will bring “new ideas” into the administration of the state standing firmly on our party’s vision to grow Lagos State at an exponential rate.”

Speaking on the ADC governorship candidate, Oboh said, “Funsho Doherty is the most competent to govern the state among candidates jostling for the Lagos top seat.

“He would invest in intangible assets such as in industry (amongst his other cardinal points) to drive the Lagos economy back on track and attract foreign investors once again.

“Doherty is a competent entrepreneur and a chartered accountant, who is fresh, sound, down to earth, and full of integrity.

“He is the man of the people, who understands the present unacceptable squalors engulfing residents of Lagos state and armed with the technical know-how on how to revamp our beloved Lagos for the betterment of all.”

Oboh further added that as ADC National Diversity and Inclusion Director, part of ADC’s campaign strategy is to make sure inclusiveness is brought forward in all the campaigns.

She said: “Lagos is a key state with residents of different tribes, beliefs, and cultural heritage as well as women, youths, and disadvantaged persons, who are usually ignored during the election period. Our aim is to make them involved in the affairs of Lagos as a state.

“Lagos is the economic heart of Nigeria, with contributions from all walks of life and tribes hence, ADC’s Lagos governorship campaign is going to make sure we move away from the usual tribalistic way of governance. ADC sets to change the face of Lagos for Good.”



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