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6 habits to cultivate for a productive lifestyle

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To live a productive life can be daunting amidst the hustling and bustling nature of life today.

However, some habits can be inculcated to make the journey through life smoother. Here are six ways you can achieve a high-yielding life.
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Make a morning routine: Have a good consistent way to start your day. When you have a routine of what you do in the morning, it makes it easier to get up from the bed, be it exercise, prayer, sex, morning coffee, etc.
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Do one thing at a time: It is good to multitask, but this can be a downfall.
As you might get fooled into thinking you’re productive when, in reality, you’re not getting much done, and instead of being burned out from doing too much. Take tasks one at a time to save your energy.
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Clean up your space: Having a clean space at home or in the office can give you a fresh perspective mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.

Some believe a cluttered space gives creativity, but oftentimes, it results in mental clutter.

Clean your space today and see how much it will change your life.

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Stay hydrated: Water makes up 90 per cent of our body, and leaving your body dehydrated can cause headaches, kidney problems, dry skin, etc. One key to staying healthy is to drink water often.

In a day, 8 cups of water are recommended by a medical expert. Start drinking water today.
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Spend Wisely: Be mindful of how you spend money. Discipline is key when it comes to managing finance.

To avoid falling into debt, plan your spending and save more.

Buying only essentials and suppressing the need to buy extravagantly should be your watchword if you intend to have a productive life.
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Choose Gratitude: Having a heart of gratitude at all times goes a long way to shape your mind.

It’s the end of the year, make a list of all you are grateful for and you will be surprised at how blessed you are compared to how you are feeling.

This attitude of gratitude can also be replicated with loved ones who will feel they are not doing well with us or have hurt our feelings, rather than grow resentment towards them, write a list of the things you appreciate about the person(s), this will help you get over any bad emotions you might feel.

Daily identifying 3 to 5 things you’re grateful for will keep you in a happy place and help you focus on better things.

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