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5 important skincare tips this rainy season


Keeping your skin hydrated and smooth this rainy season can be a little challenging.
During the rainy season, humidity levels rise and the weather becomes unpredictable.

This can be difficult for your skin to maintain its glow, as it tries to adapt to the changing temperature.
There are 3 major types of skin: normal skin, oily skin, and dry skin.

With a good and consistent skincare routine, your skin would be fine and glowing all through the rainy season.
How should you care for your skin this season?

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Moisturize your face/ Pinterest

Keeping your skin moisturized isn’t a routine for dry or harmattan season.

It is necessary to do this as well in the rainy season as it will keep your skin from producing excess oil.

A moisturizer keeps your face hydrated all day.

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A no-makeup makeup look/ Pinterest

Wear Minimal Make-up
Wearing heavy make-up can clog your pores or get messy with the rain.

If you were on a no-makeup or little makeup during the heat, it’s best you stick to that routine.

Wearing a CC cream instead of foundation would help even out your skin tone, while still giving you a not-so-heavy feel that a BB cream or foundation would give.

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Sunscreens are very Important
Just because it looks cloudy doesn’t mean the sun won’t be out.

Use sunscreen regardless, because the harmful UV rays can still penetrate and can be deadly to your skin.

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The cotton-based fabric dries faster/ Pinterest

Wear Cotton-based outfit
As much as possible, try to avoid the rain from drenching you, but if you realize you might be getting wet from the rain, wear cotton-based clothes.

Wearing them will give your skin space to breathe, unlike synthetic materials.

Also, dry out as fast as you can, because staying wet for too long can lead to breakouts and fungal infections.

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Water and sources of vitamin C

Water is Life with a Touch of Vitamin C
It’s been recommended that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

This act is not just for your kidney, it also helps your skin to stay clear and glowing.

Adding vitamin C to your diet will not only boost your immune system but will also add more shine to your skin.

It also fights bacteria, slows down the signs of aging, reduces blemishes or scars, and creates radiant skin.

You can incorporate vitamin C into your diet by; eating fruits, adding wedges of fruits in your water bottle, taking vitamin C supplements, and adding fruits to your meals.

There is vitamin C serum too that you can add to your skincare routine.

So, whether you have oily, dry, or normal skin, adding these tips to your skin regimen will help you go through this season like the chic and classy woman that you are.




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