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300,000 Nigerian youth to be trained in film & TV production

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Over the next three years, 300,000 Nigerian young people will be trained in cinema, television, and motion picture production, as a result of a landmark partnership between The Mastercard Foundation and the Lagos-based KAP Film and Television Academy.

The KAP Film and Television Academy, which was founded by award-winning Nigerian actor, director, and filmmaker Kunle Afolayan, is one of the specialized services subsidiaries at the KAP Hub in Lagos, which was formally unveiled to the public on Thursday, September 30th, 2021.

“The Academy focuses on growing the next generation of skilled filmmakers through the tutelage of veterans and film professionals who provide hands-on experience in diverse aspects of filmmaking to enrolled students,” said Kunle Afolayan, KAP Academy.

According to Mr Kunle Afolayan, CEO and Founder of the KAP Academy, the training program will be conducted using smartphone technology and instruction will be done using a learning app.

“The KAP App is a mobile learning application where multimedia content – which includes video and audio lessons, visual presentations, video simulations, and interactive testing – will be delivered to the students. It will allow students to have access to interactive learning content, industry professionals, community forums, an electronic library, a job board, financial support, contacts, and links among others,” added Afolayan.

On KAPtv’s YouTube channel, the virtual series will be available for free viewing. The Masterclass Series, a virtual series of 20 episodes offering e-learning to aspiring filmmakers, will cover numerous facets of filmmaking, including directing, cinematography, and the business of film, utilizing Afolayan’s acclaimed film, ‘The Figurine,’ as a case study.

In addition to practical hands-on instruction, the curriculum will feature two levels of certificates from professional organizations in disciplines like scripting, sound, editing, directing, cinematography, and production design.

It will also connect participants to job or gig entrepreneurship opportunities not only in the film industry, but also in allied sub-sectors such as fashion, make-up, music scores, editing, and scriptwriting, through placements and internships.

Through a partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and its Young Africa Works program in Nigeria, these tools are being made available. Free tuition and smartphone devices will be supplied to students from less privileged homes to guarantee that young people enrolling in the program have access to the tools essential for digital learning.

“The Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) produces approximately 20,000 films annually and generates estimated revenues of up to US$600 million. It is the largest film industry in Africa and the third-largest globally, after Hollywood and Bollywood,” said Chidinma Lawanson, Nigeria

Country Head at the Mastercard Foundation. “Despite this growth and scale, many important aspects of the industry remain informal and fragmented. As a result, very few practitioners can reach their full potential creatively and economically. The Foundation’s partnership with KAP has the potential to enable at least 102,500 work opportunities for youth in the vibrant creative industry in Nigeria,” Lawanson added

“The Mastercard Foundation’s partnership with KAP Film and Television Academy has the potential to enable at least 102,500 work opportunities for youth in the vibrant creative industry in Nigeria” – Chidinma Lawanson, Nigeria Country Head at the Mastercard Foundation

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 years old is eligible to apply. Selection will be based on a one-minute video pitch which will be used to evaluate each applicant’s level of expertise, passion, and socioeconomic status. While 50 percent of the program’s placements will be allocated to young women to encourage strong female engagement.

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