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Lagos agency LASPPPA orders closure of 62 buildings

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On Monday, the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA) ordered the closure of 62 structures in the Okota region of the state.

Officials from the agency stormed the location to enforce compliance with state physical planning laws, which the agency claimed had been broken by the perpetrators.

According to a statement on the agency’s Instagram page, Lagos state has announced zero tolerance for unlawful structures.

The move comes a few weeks after a 21-story building in the Ikoyi neighbourhood of Lagos, collapsed, killing roughly 45 people.

According to the agency, the properties were shut down due to a violation of the state’s physical planning permission requirement.

Adding that the owners/developers were sent notices on October 21 but did not respond.

A part of the statement reads “The authority calls on the public to whistleblow on distressed buildings and illegal constructions in their locality.”



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