Home Politics 2023 Presidency: ‘Tinubu’s victory is not God’s will’ — Peter Obi

2023 Presidency: ‘Tinubu’s victory is not God’s will’ — Peter Obi


Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential flag bearer, has dismissed talks about Bola Tinubu’s victory being an act of God’s will.

Obi who stated this during an interview on Arise TV’s Morning Show on Monday questioned if God’s will includes stealing or conducting the wrong election.

“What they are actually preaching is the problem of Nigeria.

“The problem of Nigeria is accepting wrongdoing and what is unacceptable.

“That is using God’s name in vain. That is not what God is saying. God said do not use my name in vain.

“So, what they are saying is not God’s wish, it is not God’s plan for Nigeria.

“Pastors are preaching the problem of Nigeria; it’s not God’s wish for Nigeria.

“Is it God’s wish that we don’t have electricity, a mortality rate?

“We have clear laws about the conduct of the election, it’s not God’s wish that we do the wrong thing.

“We want God’s wish to be truly God’s wish.

“Is it God’s wish that we steal or conduct the wrong election?”, he queried.



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